All About Beer Magazine - Volume 32, Issue 4
September 1, 2011 By

As the owner of Kokopelli Rafting, Seiner points out that the best whitewater is in the early summer while family-oriented floating continues through early fall, but lower water levels mean the basalt boulders stick out more.

Adrenaline runs high in the section of the Rio Grande Gorge known as the Taos Box. Replete with Class IV+ rapids, get ready to paddle roughly 16 miles on the full-day trip (half-day trippers will likely ride Taos Racecourse).

Named features in the Box are designed to let you know how technical, swift and ultimately thrilling this E-ticket ride gets: Dead Car, Sharkfin Rock and Powerline Falls. But you’re not out of the water yet. Saving the best for last, the four-mile finisher known as Rio Bravo or Wild River boasts Boat Reamer and, for fans of truth in advertising, The Enema.

Santa Fe Brewing’s Adam Bishop added of the lower class rapids found later in the season, “I love tubing. You get to float, drink beer and pee on yourself.”