All About Beer Magazine - Volume 31, Issue 3
July 1, 2010 By

Privacy: “There is a place near Crystal Cove. The locals refer to it as Scotchman’s. There is a super steep incline to get down to the beach, which is why I think it is so empty all the time, but it’s worth it since you often have the place to yourself, and it is a really clean beach.”

Bonfire: “Huntington Beach is the place to go. Big fire pits, and the crowd is easy to get along with―you can be partying and having a good time and they won’t come over and tell you to keep it down.”

Bikinis: “As a married man, I will say that I am sure these places exist, but I would not know of them (ahem Laguna Beach ahem). Speaking of which, they have great sand volleyball courts, which enhances the last point. Come early, stay all day and love it.”