Sampling Audits / Go Spot Check

Sampling Audits / Go Spot Check



*For paper copies of the audit click here>: Go Spot Check Audit Sheet (Word Doc).  

*You will use the paper audit to record data during the sampling. However, please note:You can only take your photos through the app real time. You cannot upload photos from your stored photos on your phone.

*As soon as your event is over, enter the data into the Go Spot Check app.  

*If you have any issues with Go Spot Check related to use, functionality, submitting audits, please use the customer support services at Go Spot Check. Below are some troubleshooting guidelines and the Go Spot Check customer service information.  Also you will find the training decks for Iphone and Android if you have questions on how to submit an audit.

Go Spot Check TroubleshootingGo Spot Check for IphoneGo Spot Check for Android