Styles Features

The New Age of Lagers

Trend spotting in the city of Portland, OR, is tricky business. The most enduringly popular beers, as they are up

The Fresh Flavors of Wet Hop Ales

Each harvest season, a sliver of hops is set aside to appear in seasonal beers known as fresh or wet

Welcome to Lambic Country

Beer is as much about the environment where it is enjoyed as it is about taste and aroma. This is

Judging New Styles

Since the first style medals were awarded in 1987 (from the inaugural Great American Beer Festival in 1982 through 1986,

Not Your Father’s Hard Cider

At Hawthorne Hophouse in Portland, OR, patrons can order whatever’s new from several nearby breweries, perhaps discovering they love peppery

Holiday Wrap-Up

Beer can be more than just a bottle. As any craft beer aficionado knows, the glassware can be as important

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