Beer Me!

Craft Chocolate and Craft Beer 

When boiled down (pun intended) beer is an agricultural product, as is chocolate. This is one of the many similarities between the

The Classic Pairing of Beer and Cheese

Almost as ubiquitous as a beer and pretzel, there is the classic pairing of beer with cheese. This pairing is

Beer Judging: Everyone is Welcome

Over the past few months on Beer Me! we have explored different parts of the Homebrewing world, including competitions. One

Ugly Fruit: An Effort to Combat Food Waste

A fairly common scene: grocery and food market patrons judiciously select their produce from pristine displays. And what happens to

What’s New in the Homebrew World? 

With Homebrew Conference right around the corner (June 22-24, 2023 in San Diego) we thought we needed another episode focusing

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