Q: Where at the South Carolina State Fairgrounds will the event take place?
A: The festival will be held in two buildings at the fairgrounds: the Cantey building and the Goodman building. The festival will be indoors (save for the Food Truck Rodeo, which will be located just outside the buildings). Find directions to the fairgrounds here.

Q: How do I enter the fairgrounds? 
A: Enter through gate six off of George Rogers Blvd. From here you can park or use a dedicated lane to pick up or drop off.

Q: Is parking available? 
A: Ample parking will be available. The venue charges $5 to park.

Q: Are you partnering with any taxis or transportation companies?
A: You can find a list of taxis in the area here. While we are not officially partnering with Uber, they are offering the following promotion to new users:

“If you’re new to Uber, download the app and sign up with the promo code WBF2017 to get $20 off your first ride! Sign up here: https://get.uber.com/go/WBF2017. If you already use Uber, refer someone who hasn’t tried it yet—you’ll both receive your next ride free.”

Q: Am I allowed to bring a cooler or backpack into the festival?
A: No. For safety reasons, the WBF cannot allow backpacks or coolers onto the festival grounds.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: No, pets are not allowed.

Q: Is there a designated driver ticket?
A: Designated driver tickets for both sessions can be found here. We believe in drinking responsibly and do not believe in promoting mass consumption. There will be cab drivers outside the venue at all times during and after the festival. There are also hotels nearby that will offer special rates for WBF attendees.

Q: Will there be tickets for sale at the gate?
A: If tickets are sold out in advance, there will be no tickets available at the gate. If the festival is not sold out by Saturday morning then yes, tickets will be available at the gate.

Q: What does the ticket price include?
A: Souvenir cup, unlimited beer samples and entertainment. Food is an additional cost.

Q: Can I bring my own food or beverages into the festival?
A: No, no outside food or beverage is allowed.

Q: Can I purchase additional beer at the festival or bring empty or full bottles home with me?
A: Absolutely NO beer can be removed from the festival site nor is it offered to be purchased. By law, all alcohol must be consumed in the festival site only. Taking empty bottles out of the festival is illegal. This is considered an open container. Open containers are not allowed on the streets of SC or in an automobile.

Q: Can I bring my 16 year old as my designated driver?
A: No, you must be 21+ to gain access into the World Beer Festival.  No children of any age will be admitted.

Q: If I go to one session can I stay for the second session?
A: You must have separate tickets to go to both sessions. Each session is separately ticketed and at the end of the first session all patrons are asked to leave.

Q: Can I bring a folding chair/lawn chair with me?
A: No, it is not necessary. We have a designated seating area for you to relax if you wish.

Q: Can I leave the fairgrounds and then come back in?
A: No, once you have left you can’t re-enter.