Mission + Vision



Our mission is to educate the public in beer appreciation and beer quality, and to build the local beer community. Every aspect of the World Beer Festival focuses on promoting the positive attributes of the growing beer culture. Media outlets ranging from USAToday, Forbes.com and Wired Magazine have all heralded the achievements of the World Beer Festival in exploring the entertaining and educational aspects of beer.


Educating the public is a key part of the World Beer Festival. A two-ounce sample size allows customers to taste a wide range of beers without the risk of over-consumption. Throughout the World Beer Festival, the All About Beer Magazine team of writers provides a series of educational seminars on aspects of beer enjoyment. Volunteers are trained in beer education and brewers are encouraged to “talk beer” while in their booths.


Designed as a beer tasting, the World Beer Festival encourages small samples from a wide range of world-class beer styles. With different areas devoted to beer, entertainment, food, merchandise and relaxation, the festival creates a unique atmosphere that promotes responsible consumption in a relaxed, enjoyable setting. Our goal is that our guests leave the festival appreciating and understanding more about beer flavor and diversity.


Along with building a thriving local beer culture, we are also committed to working with other local players that help keep communities strong. The World Beer Festival presents the best local music, and hosts local restaurants and catering companies, with the goal of creating an entertaining, educational and welcoming environment for the festival. We also partner with a local non-profit organization and donate a part of the festival proceeds to them. Over the years, the World Beer Festival has contributed over $140,000 to local causes.

All About Beer Magazine

Now in its 30th year, All About Beer Magazine is the most respected source for the growing beer culture. Winner of numerous awards and recognitions, All About Beer Magazine publishes the best on beer six times a year, with one additional annual bonus issue. Subjects range from beer history and culture, to beer travel and entertaining, to beer brewing and cooking with beer.

Daniel Bradford, Director

For nearly 30 years, Daniel Bradford (photo at left) has been a leader in the emergence of the craft and specialty beer movement. Former director of the Great American Beer Festival, marketing director of the Association of Brewers, and president of the Brewers’ Association, Daniel has been recognized for promoting the positive enjoyment of the world’s finest beers. Daniel also writes the blog Bradford-on- Beer, after 30 years getting back to the basics on beer.