Sponsor Opportunities

Get in on the exposure World Beer Festivals provide

The World Beer Festivals are designed to get people excited about beer—its depth, variety and beauty—then motivate them to buy more beers, challenge retailers to expand their selections, and spread the word. Media outlets ranging from USAToday, Forbes.com and Wired Magazine have all heralded the achievements of the World Beer Festival in exploring the entertaining and educational aspects of beer. You can enjoin us by participating as an event sponsor.


We customize the entitlements in most of our packages to give you the best return possible for your business.  The exposure values we have can help you win more year-round or Festival-weekend traffic, brand identity, market research, product introduction, or more.  And because of the media we control and partner with, our values far surpass what you could purchase on your own.

Extensive reach

With the support of local and national advertising in print, radio, point of sale and web, you receive extensive reach and frequency to the adult 21-54 demographic group, with a skew towards men aged 21-44, upscale and educated.

Captive audience

On the day of the event, you have eight quality hours to embed your message/product in the minds of the 7,500 high-profile attendees.

Improved reception of your product/message

The festival is unique, fun, and memorable.  The great experience coupled with our reputation reflects very positively on your brand.

Direct access to attendees

As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to get your product or service directly into the hands of the attendees via sampling, direct sales, coupons, demonstrations, etc.


The festival benefits a local non-profit organization and the local community. This fact is highly promoted in the community and to the national press. The World Beer Festival provides attendees with a broad sampling opportunity of over 300 beers, food from a variety of local restaurants, educational sessions by industry experts and entertainment by local musicians. The festival consists of two four-hour sessions during which attendees can sample from the presented beers.

Target Audience

The World Beer Festival is attractive to an upscale, urban, educated, stable, young market. With the renaissance in beer appreciation, the savvy public is turning increasingly to the diversity, beauty and quality of beer. The ticket-buying audience numbers 6,000-8,000, with vendors and volunteers making up another 500 attendees.


• 59% are male

• 82% are 21-40 years of age

• Median age is 30

• Professional with at least one college degree

• From households with $80,000+ annual income

Beer Information

• Over half the attendees go to two or more beer festivals

a year

• 53% spend $30 to $60 a month on beer

• 28% spend $100 or more a month on beer

• 77% try 10 or more beers at the festival that they hadn’t

tried before

• 75% purchased a beer discovered at the festival

Contact Information

E-mail Bill or Amy for questions about sponsorship or advertising.

Brandi Barnhart


Amy Dalton