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No matter how you take them, there’s a beer style that pairs perfectly with your favorite wing sauces and seasonings. Just don’t forget the napkins.

Traditional Buffalo and Helles Lager: The spicy vinegar kick of this classic wing sauce can be tempered by the subtle sweetness and balance of a Helles lager.

Honey Mustard and Berliner Weisse: The light tartness and refreshing quality of a Berliner weisse makes it an appropriate pairing for nearly any wing, but it’s an especially good partner for the tanginess of honey mustard.

Coconut Curry and Belgian Tripel: This Thai-inspired sauce finds a friend in one of Belgium’s most well-known styles. The spicy notes imparted by Belgian yeast—think pepper, clove and lemon—complement the coconut and curry.

Barbecue and Schwarzbier: Light in body yet dark in color, a Schwarzbier’s mild notes of chocolate and coffee are the perfect complement for a sweet and smoky barbecue sauce.

Caribbean Jerk and Scotch Ales: With a sweet blend of caramel and dark fruit notes, scotch ales can cool the scotch bonnet heat of a traditional jerk sauce.

Teriyaki and Belgian Dubbel: Dark malts find their match in the sweeter side of teriyaki sauce, while a Belgian dubbel’s yeast-driven notes of apple and pear play well with teriyaki spices like ginger and soy.