Enter to Win a New Pico Brewing Appliance


Enter for your chance to win a new Pico, complete with all accessories and one PicoPak to get brewing right away! Open to U.S. residents. By entering this contest you agree to receive news and offers from both PicoBrew and All About Beer Magazine. Contest is open until 1/5/2017.

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Meet Pico, the home appliance that delivers perfectly crafted beer every time.

picobrew-websitePico is an automated beer brewing appliance by PicoBrew that brews 5 liters of craft beer in about 2 hours and is ready to drink in about 1 week. It uses ready-to-brew PicoPak ingredient kits from the worldwide BrewMarketplace.


No beer is more fresh than the one you just brewed at home. Pico is expertly engineered to help you create consistent craft beer in your kitchen using fresh ingredients and quality recipes.


Enjoy the search for your next brew session by browsing the large variety of beers from worldwide brands you love, including such breweries like: Coronado Brewing, Rogue Ales, and Oakshire Brewing.


Interactive technology inside the Pico lets it recognize each specific PicoPak being brewed. This allows ideal mashing temperature, duration, and hop additions to all be done correctly per the recipe. With some of the Pico components being dishwasher-safe, cleanup is a breeze compared to traditional homebrewing equipment.


Prefer more hops and less alcohol? Pico allows customization on any PicoPak. You can fine-tune the alcohol percentage or bitterness to your liking.