BE Sampling Issues (Policies & Procedures)



Please take the time to review all of these policies and procedures!


In the effort to build our In-Market Sampling Program, we have officially partnered up with Sunflower Group Agency and Promo Works. Since we have these partnerships, we are now able to conduct samplings in ALL Food Lions and Harris Teeters! While we have been very active in Harris Teeters over the past 3 years, it is only recently that we have been selected to be one of the only third party agencies to provide chain-wide sampling services, building on our success that we have achieved for our partners, wholesalers and breweries. Over the coming months, we will be working very closely with Promo Works & Sunflower Group. These partnerships will allow us to sample even more often in new territories for new, different and existing brands.

With all this being said, our All About Beer Sampling Procedures (rescheduling) will be changed to make sure we are in line with those of these partnered agencies. Going forward, all Beer Explorers will be required to follow these procedures exactly.




Sampling Issues Procedures (FOOD LION & HARRIS TEETER ONLY)

Sampling Issues Procedures (ANY OTHER CHAIN)


Distributor Master List

Beer Explorer Contact List



Just a few reminders:

  1. If you are sick, encounter inclement weather, run into any stock issues at the store, or need to leave your sampling due to an emergency, you are to follow these instructions provided on the above Sampling Issues Procedures

  2. Once you are scheduled for a shift, you are 100% responsible for working that shift. If you are unable to work that shift, it is your responsibility to find coverage for that shift. *Calling out of a shift because “Something came up” is absolutely not acceptable and can be grounds for termination.

  3. No Call, No Shows will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination.

  4. Please do not contact In-Market Manager to directly report illness, inclement weather, or stock issues. Follow listed procedures for reporting issues and make note on the required Sampling Issues Mission on Go Spot Check.