Classic Beer Under Siege

If you appreciate fine beer and you plan to tour Europe, then the Czech Republic will be high on your

Lambic Under Attack

Lambic, one of the world’s most fascinating beer styles, is under threat. At the end of January, lambic brewers were

Drinking Dutch

To start at the beginning, and not to create any more confusion than is necessary, there is no country named

Global Giants Stalk British Beer

The PC’s thesaurus has come up with a magnificent silver dollar word. There I was, struggling with mess, muddle and

The Struggle for Bass

A mighty struggle has broken out for control of Britain’s best-known brewing group, Bass. As reported in AAB last year,

Crisis in English Brewing

A crisis in English brewing? Surely not. Whatever else happened in the world of beer⎯global takeovers; mergers; loss of choice;