Sam Calagione

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Milton, DE

I love it.  I think you can replace Brooklyn with around the world actually. In the last week I drank seven different beers from seven regions in Italy made with grape varieties from each of their hometowns. I brewed a tart Berliner weisse in the United Kingdom with London gin botanical. Both of these countries have vibrant and creative craft brewing scenes and the local brewers are quick to recognize the American craft brewers as catalysts for a global movement towards more adventurous beers. But we do need to be careful.

To maintain the integrity of our community as it grows we need to be beer geeks and not beer snobs. I define the difference as this: Geeks love beer and love to share their love of beer with others. Beer snobs love beer and lord their knowledge and access to great beer over others. I am excited and hopeful the beer renaissance will keep moving in the right direction. The geeks shall inherit the earth.

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