All About Beer Magazine - Volume 35, Issue 5
September 15, 2014 By
Lisa Zimmer
Lisa Zimmer is the person behind the Twitter handles @Zimmerino and @TenthandBlake. Photo by Sean Buchan.

Lisa Zimmer

Spend some time talking beer on Twitter and eventually @Zimmerino will pop up. The person behind the handle is Lisa Zimmer, a @MillerCoors employee with an infectious enthusiasm for beer and social media. Her often laugh-out-loud musings on life and general warmth, mixed with a bit of self-deprecation, have propelled her into a recognized and respected voice. She also helms the @TenthandBlake account, interacting with customers of Blue Moon, Leinenkugel’s and more. It can be difficult for any large company to feel personal, and a brewery like MillerCoors is no exception. Beer is intimate and customer loyalty is strong, so when Zimmer starts tweeting 140 characters at a time, it gives a peek behind the curtain and gives customers a reason to return.

In the five years since she joined the brewing company’s headquarters in Chicago, Zimmer has also worked on improving the culture internally.

“She started teaching homebrewing,” says Mark Rasmussen, a spokesman for the brewery. “No one asked her to do it; it wasn’t part of the goal. She just thought it was important. Because we work in an office, not a brewery, she wanted people to get an understanding of what it means to make beer.” Externally she participated in the “Brewer’s Unleashed” series, which brings beer directly to the people. At the bar or events, she manages to remain engaged in the moment while also working two phones to keep up with the Web, the genuine smile never leaving her face. #LovingLife

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