Brewing Instructions

SMaSH Recipes

SMaSH Vienna Bier OG 1.050, 36 IBU, 5 gallons 10# German Vienna (Wiener) malt Mash at 150F for one hour

Brews from Base Malts

Pilsner Malt (1.5 to 2.0°L ): Pilsner, Helles, Dortmunder, Helles Bock, American Golden Ale, Belgian Strong Golden Ale, Kölsch. American

Single-Malt Brewing

To the novice, brewing can seem a bit daunting, but, as is the case with any hobby, that initial hesitation

Olde Stranger – Old Ale

Extract, 5 gallons, OG 1.070, 30 IBU Steep 4.0 oz chocolate malt, 8.0 oz 120º L crystal, and 1.0 lb

Oro Diablo – Strong Golden Ale

All-grain, 5 gallons, OG 1.075-1.080, 40 IBU Mash 13# Pilsner malt at 151º F for 1 hour Hop schedule: 2.0

Brewing With Sugar

Those first few months of craft beer epiphany are heady indeed, filled with moment after moment of wide-eyed revelation. These

Fruitful Fermentation

Raspberry Wheat (extract, 5 gallons) OG 1.055, 20 IBU Steep 1.0 lb Carapils® malt, then add: 5.0 lb wheat malt

Fruitful Brewing

With homebrewing comes the epiphany that nearly anything can be included in a beer recipe, and the familiarity with fruit

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