In The Brewhouse

The Brewer in His Natural Habitat

We’re blessed here in San Diego. We have always had a world-class zoo. And while our sports teams continue to

Difficult But Necessary Words

Jim (not his real name) was the very first employee I was forced to let go. He had shipped a

Craft Beer is Not a Concept

Recently, I got a Facebook message from Joe, one of my numerous post-college roommates. Turns out, he and his partners

Poaching Brewers

In September while traveling through Seattle, I sat down with my friend Alan over a beer, and our conversation turned

Patience Beers

From my perspective, it was a pretty standard Brussels Saturday morning. I squinted at the alarm clock in disgust, cursed

Diagnosing the Grumpy Brewer

I just returned from my therapist, and he says I’m fighting a newly discovered discontent known simply as GBA (Grumpy Brewer Affliction).

The Perfect Harmony of Collaboration

Seventeen years ago, I earned my first brewing gig as an assistant brewer at a startup brewpub in downtown San