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Beer Dave - Dave Gausepohl

Beer’s No. 1 Super Fan

Dave Gausepohl, also known as “Beer Dave.” (Photo by Anna Penny of Beer Dave pulls a can of Uinta

The Unsung Brewer

In the modern brewing industry, especially in the United States, there are celebrity brewers. Known by their first names, fans

Born Again in Berlin

The laboratory door was shut tight, but the people who weren’t supposed to be there took the precaution of disguising

Roots Abroad, But America Calls

Peter Bouckaert, a native Belgian and brewmaster at New Belgium Brewing Co. Early last June of 2012, Brian Purcell, CEO

Preserving a Beer Legacy

A view of beer writer Michael Jackson’s office, the contents of which are now at a library in the United

Rock Icons Partner with Restaurant Chain

Kiss’ two active original members, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, want you to rock ’n’ roll all night, party every

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