The Beer Curmudgeon

Let’s Stay Together

Harry Schuhmacher is the editor and publisher of Beer Business Daily. Here’s a fun fact: There’s an awful lot of

I Don’t Miss the Good Old Days

Harry Schuhmacher reflects on the suit-wearing beer executives of days past. On a warm February night 20 years ago, I

The Next Big Thing

What will the beer industry look like in 2025? I had my first tastes of beer as a child early

Local Hero

There’s a famous clip from the TV show Portlandia where Fred Armisen’s character is quizzing a waitress at a hip

The New Beer Barons

The approved assignment for this column was to be about attending the 1994 Craft Brewers Convention in Austin, TX, where

The Light of My Life is Dimming

Everybody I know these days hates light beer, except those who don’t. It’s not just that they don’t prefer light

Conventional Wisdom

This may come as a shock to my many fans and admirers, but I’m not the smartest bear in the

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