Drink Beer, Think Beer Podcast

This weekly podcast gets to the bottom of every pint.

Every week, Drink Beer, Think Beer touches on all aspects of the brewing industry. From ingredients and process, to philosophy and the art in each beer, the podcast is hosted by long-time journalist John Holl and is available on all the major podcast platforms. All About Beer releases new episodes of Drink Beer, Think Beer with John Holl every Wednesday.  

Recent Episodes


Flipping the Pink Tax Script

On this episode of the Drink Beer, Think Beer podcast the topic of subtle discrimination and sexism comes up and


Introducing the Monocacy Hop

About a decade ago Tom Barse was at an agricultural conference in Maryland when he was approached by a farmer


Brewing Local in New Hampshire

Devin Bush is the head brewer and co-founder of Wild Bloom Beer in Littleton, New Hampshire. Focusing on saisons, Belgians, and


The Trials of Brewery Ownership

From a marketing beginning to eventual homebrewing and then a professional career that had him working for one of the