Drink Beer, Think Beer Podcast

This weekly podcast gets to the bottom of every pint.

Every week, Drink Beer, Think Beer touches on all aspects of the brewing industry. From ingredients and process, to philosophy and the art in each beer, the podcast is hosted by long-time journalist John Holl and is available on all the major podcast platforms. All About Beer releases new episodes of Drink Beer, Think Beer with John Holl every Wednesday.  

Recent Episodes

How to Taste by Mandy Naglich

We’re tasting all the time when it comes to beer and our drinking experiences. But there is always a chance

Brewing with Organic Ingredients

What’s it like being an organic brewery in 2023? Harder than you might think, but getting a little better. Sandy

Memories of Anchor and Our Special Ale

The recent news about Anchor Brewing pulling back it’s distribution to just California and discontinuing Our Special Ale, it’s Christmas offering, had