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Brasseurs du Temps, Gatineau, Quebec

Follow the footpath along the Ruisseau de la Brasserie, or Brewery Creek, and you will unsurprisingly arrive at the Brasseurs du Temps brewpub. And while it is not the brewery for which the creek is named—that one arrived about 200 years ago—it does boast some of the best beers in the National Capital Region and a supremely idyllic setting in which to enjoy them.

Day or night, a table by the burbling creek seems serene even when the terrace is full, distant from the roadside and even farther from cut-and-thrust of nearby Parliament Hill. Just the thing for the recovering politician or aspiring beer aficionado.

—Stephen Beaumont

Brasseurs du Temps in Gatineau, Quebec. Photo by Nathalie Moisan.

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