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All About Beer Magazine - Volume 36, Issue 2
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Ben Love of Gigantic Brewing Co. in Portland, Oregon.
Ben Love of Gigantic Brewing Co. in Portland, Oregon. (Photo by Jon Page)

Ben Love at a glance

Brewmaster/Owner, Gigantic Brewing

Years brewing: 11.

Go-to beer from another brewery: Something that’s new.

Beer that inspired him to brew: All the different beers I was able to try while working at Belmont Station when I was 21.

Couldn’t live without: My wife, Andrea—my Luminescent.

Favorite place to have a beer: The remote hot springs I visited in Iceland or Victory Bar, Portland.

Wishes he could buy a round for: Allen Toussaint.

Biggest passion besides brewing: Soul & funk records. I love digging at record shops while traveling the world for the brewery.

Keeping him up at night: Nothing. I sleep like the dead.

Brewery Profile

Gigantic Brewing Co.

Portland, OR


Founded: 2011

Annual Production: 3,300 barrels

Availability: OR, WA, CA, CO, AK, IL, BC, AB, Norway, New Zealand, Hatos Bar in Tokyo, Brew Dog Bars in the United Kingdom and Mikkeller Bars in Denmark

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