Scheduling and Pay

Scheduling and Pay

*Once you are assigned or pick up a shift on TrackSmart you will be contractually obligated to that shift.

*If you want to give up your shift you are responsible for covering you shift in advance.

*You are required to complete a Go Spot Check audit within 24 hours of your event or you forfeit pay for the event. 

*All audits must be turned in by midnight on Sunday of each week.

*Paychecks are issued every other Thursday by mail. Contract employees are paid opposite weeks from part time. Click here for a link of Beer Explorer Payroll Dates.


  • Schedules are built using the availability of staff within a 20-mile territory. All About Beer individually schedules each sampling at the store level based on the availability you have provided us.  For example, if you live at 123 Main Street, and are available to work Thursdays and Sundays we use that availability to schedule samplings at the stores within your 20-mile territory during those times- unless a time off request has been submitted.


  • To provide proper coverage in each market and continue to offer flexibile scheduling for staff all time off requests need to be submitted one week prior to the schedule being PUBLISHED (roughly 2.5 weeks in advance). For example: The schedule for October 22-29 will be published on October 17. All time off requests for time during the October 22-29 week will need to be submitted by October 10 to be approved.


  • Requests submitted after the cut-off date will not be approved. For example: If you request off time for October 28 on October 16th this request will not be approved. Time off requests for October 28 will need to be submitted by October 10. As a reminder, you are responsible for covering any shifts you are scheduled. 


  • If you have concerns about meeting these scheduling deadlines please contact me directly so we can together to find an solution to scheduling. It is our goal to optimize scheduling for everyone and provide the most hours to current staff prior to hiring additional staff for coverage and taking away hours from current employees. We will continue to do our very best to remain accommodating to all staff.