Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza

Who is Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza? Who is anyone really? J/K, we know exactly who we are; a small craft pizza company who gives a hoot, founded by a man who also gave a lot of hoots. Ol’ man Screamin’s mantra was that you should enjoy every bite of what you are shoving in your face. Pizza should be over the top, fun and get your tastebuds begging for mercy and more at the same time. #missionaccomplished

• Artisan, hearth-baked crust

• Locally-sourced ingredients

– Wisconsin whole milk mozzarella

– Huge meatballs

– Rough cut, chopped pepperoni and sausages

– Fire roasted vegetables

– Thick chunky tomato sauce from ground tomatoes

• An “over topped”/ton of toppings pizza 60% of the product is toppings versus 40% by


• Super premium product at a premium price ($8.99 every day)

• Unique front panel “open mouth” graphics

• The only package that visually shows the product

• Intriguing product names

• Fun, cut-out mustache on back panel