Q: What if the weather is rainy on the day of the Festival?
A: The WBF is rain or shine!

Q: Am I allowed to bring a cooler or backpack into the Festival?
A: No. For safety reasons, the WBF cannot allow backpacks or coolers onto the Festival grounds.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: No, pets are not allowed

Q: Will there be tickets for sale at the gate?
A: Yes, tickets are available at the Tioga Downs Gift Shop and all Ticketmaster locations.

Q: What does the ticket price include?
A: Souvenir cup, unlimited beer samples, water, and entertainment. Food is an additional cost for general admission, but included with VIP tickets.

Q: Can I bring my own food or beverages into the festival?
A: No, no outside food or beverage is allowed.

Q: Can I purchase additional beer at the festival or bring empty or full bottles home with me?
A: Absolutely NO beer can be removed from the festival site nor is it offered to be purchased. By law, all alcohol must be consumed in the festival site only. Taking empty bottles out of the festival is illegal. This is considered an open container.

Q: Can I bring my 16 year old as my designated driver?
A: No, you must be 21+ to be allowed access into the World Beer Festival, no children of any age will be admitted.

Q: Can I bring a folding chair/lawn chair with me?
A: No, it is not necessary. We have a designated seating area for you to relax if you wish.

Q: Can I leave the Tioga Downs Trackside tent/apron area and then come back in?
A: No, once you have left the event you can’t re-enter.