Google Hangouts

Take your brewery to the net

There aren’t many ways to tell your story to the wide world. We have developed a way and you’re going to love it. At All About Beer Magazine  our mission is “to expand the beer community by providing an essential experience for a life enriched by beer.”

Of the numerous ways we connect our customers with the world of new breweries, our Google Hangouts have continued to grow in popularity. Have the All About Beer Magazine team sitting across “the table” from key members of a brewery has lead to some fascinating conversations and the sort of insights into the brewer’s world.

We’ve learned  how  breweries have linked the profiles of a wide range of beers. We’ve learned how another brewery controls intentionally infecting their beers. We’ve learned how another brewery continues to create classics after classics.

And our customers love eavesdropping while the discussion unfolds, often sending us questions to ask live. These conversations become part of cyber space continuing to attract attention long after the event closes.

Join us on a Google Hangout

Want to get involved in our Google Hangout Tasting Series? We’d love to have you! Email us today to discuss possible dates, and we’ll help you get started!

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