Beer Acquisition and Sponsorship Sales Associate

Work at All About Beer Magazine


All About Beer Magazine is seeking someone who understands product and distribution in the beer industry to join their Event Department as the Beer Acquisition and Sponsorship Sales Manager. The selected candidate will have a deep understanding of craft beer which includes: current styles, knowledge of breweries from a national perspective, ability to maintain and manage relationships with wholesalers/distributors, and understanding of product package sizes and price points.

This is a part time, multi-departmental position which will split time between the Events Department and Sales Department, depending on the time of year.  An average of 20-25 hrs/week is required, with the potential for an increase in hours during festival season. 


There are two major functions of the Beer Acquisition and Sponsorship Sales Manager:

1) Oversee the curation, recruitment, distribution and payment schedule of product (beer) for the All About Beer Events Department.

2) Sell event sponsorships for the World Beer Festival series. Create lasting relationships with breweries, wholesalers & distributors which drive recurring revenue to the event. 

The person must have strong communication and organization, as well as be able to work within budget restraints. Parameters for this job have been established, but we are looking for someone who can take the lead and improve the process where needed.

This person must be willing to reach out and speak with wholesalers, brewers and sales reps about World Beer Festival and All About Beer.

The selected candidate will report directly to the Events Director as deemed necessary and in a timely manner. Format for reporting will be discussed at time of hire. Must have working computer and access to internet and phone.


  • Develop a distinct knowledge and expertise of regional & national breweries, importers, and wholesalers for the NC, SC, VA markets
  • Ability to follow trends in the industry via news, social media, etc and bring those trends to festivals
  • Develop and manage relationships with breweries and wholesalers that provide product for All About Beer events
  • Provide information about sponsorship opportunities and conduct follow up communication with potential sponsors
  • Read, follow, and understand All About Beer Magazine and assist in bringing the magazine to life at all festivals
  • Curate a beer list for all World Beer Festivals within established budget
  • Coordinate day of event manager for product distribution
  • Communicate mission of World Beer Festival to potential suppliers and wholesalers
  • Coordinate and communicate all festival logistics to participating suppliers, wholesalers and partners
  • Actively participate in Events Meeting in order to update leadership team on acquisition updates, trends to the industry, and how these factors play into festivals
  • Maintain brewery registration materials within a master spreadsheet. (Strong MS Excel background a must)
  • Must be able to speak about beer styles, flavors and how to taste beer at all Volunteer Training events for World Beer Festival
  • Ability to figure out quantities of product needed based on number of attendees.
  • Demonstrate experience with numbers & budgets. (Strong math skills required)
  • Knowledge of beverage distribution industry

This is a remote position. Candidates from throughout the state of NC are encouraged to apply by sending a cover letter and resume to

Compensation based on previous experience and ability to execute assigned responsibilities.