Scores of Americans have grown up with Kelsey Grammer on their TV sets and on the silver screen screen, through his roles on Cheers and Frasier, as the voice of Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons and Stinky Pete in Toy Story II. 

He’s done a lot with his professional life. He’s starred in countless stage shows, authored books, and dabbled in music.

Now, in addition to all that he owns a beer company. It’s called Faith American and it’s based out of upstate New York, where he owns a home.

The brand was started in 2019 but was put on pause at the start of Covid-19.  It’s been recently revived. 

The property that he hopes to one day open a tap room comes up a lot in this conversation as the thrust behind the beer ideas, but for now the beers are being made at Frog Alley, a Schenectady New York brewery helmed by brewer Rich Michaels. 

Faith American.

The three beers in the Faith American lineup – two IPAs and a Blonde Ale – currently have distribution through New York and New Jersey. 

As you’ll hear he’s supporting the beer through appearances, often at local bars, the kind of cozy places where regulars have their reserved seats, the kind of bars where… well you know.

Beer and celebrity is interesting and there have been a lot of well-known and boldface names that have gotten into the alcohol business. George Clooney selling tequila. Ryan Reynolds selling gin. There are celebrities that have vineyards, some in name only and others who work the land. 

There has not been too much in the way of beer. There are some examples, but it’s largely been barren on the celebrity supported and owner front. 

Grammer, as you will hear, is all in and he’s added personal touches to the brand that bring more to the beers than just his extensive acting resume. 

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