UPDATE: In case you missed it, this was an April Fools’ Day joke, and New Glarus Brewing Co. is staying put in Wisconsin.

NEW GLARUS, WI (April 1)—Saying it was time to try something new, the founders of New Glarus Brewing Co. said today that they would begin removing their beers from shelves and taps in Wisconsin, effective immediately. It was a stunning—almost unbelievable—announcement from the 22-year old brewery that has only distributed within Wisconsin’s borders since its founding.

“Let me be clear, we love it here. We raised a family here and grew a business here. We’re not leaving and the brewery isn’t closing, we’re just going to stop selling beer here,” said brewery president Deb Carey in a statement. “Everyone that we’ve spoken with, from financial advisors to life-long trusted friends said this is a terrible idea, but what’s the point of having a business unless you take a few risks.”

As word spread across the state retailers reported block-long lines as customers rushed to stock up on, among others, the brewery’s flagship cream ale, Spotted Cow.

Carey said beer production would continue in New Glarus and that tours would still be available, but visitors would only receive samples of Baumeister’s orange soda afterwards, not beer.

As despondent beer drinkers gathered outside the brewery for a candlelight vigil, imbibers in Rhode Island were celebrating, as Carey said all of the brewery’s 162,000-barrel annual production would soon be sold in the Ocean State.

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