Beer Army Beer Wars
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(Press Release)

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—The winners of the inaugural Beer Army Beer Wars competition, presented by All About Beer Magazine, have been announced. Judging for the event took place on Saturday, Jan. 14 at NoDa Brewing’s original brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina, where 38 judges evaluated 268 entries from breweries across the world.

The full list of 150 medal-winning beers is listed below:

Category 1A: American Light Lager
1st: The DreamChasers Brewery–Dude’s Lager

Category 1B: American Lager
1st: Big Bend Brewing Co.–Tejas Clara

Category 1C: Cream Ale
1st: Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Co.–Clear Sky
2nd: 10 Barrel Brewing–Krispy Cream
3rd: Brasserie Tuque De Broue Brewery–Tuque Doree

Category 1D: American Wheat Beer
1st: High Hops Brewery–The Witty One
2nd: North High Brewing–North High Hefeweizen

Category 2A: International Pale Lager
1st: Full Sail Brewing Co.–Session Premium Lager

Category 2B: International Amber Lager
1st: King Harbor Brewing Co.–Cerveza Hermosa

Category 2C: International Dark Lager
1st: Full Sail Brewing Co.–Session Black Dark Lager

Category 3B: Czech Premium Pale Lager
1st: 10 Barrel Brewing–Smooth Talker

Category 3D: Czech Dark Lager
1st: 10 Barrel Brewing–Cervesa Negra

Category 4A: Munich Helles
1st: Nashville Brewing Company–Nashville Lager
2nd: Trapezium Brewing Co.–HellYas
3rd: Big Bend Brewing Co.–Tejas Lager

Category 4B: Festbier
2nd: Lenny Boy Brewing Co.–Das Festbier

Category 5B: Kolsch
1st: Blackstone Brewing Company–Chaser
2nd: Schoolcraft–American Harvest Kolsch
3rd: Loma Brewing Company–Warren Peace

Category 5D: German Pils
1st: Lost Highway Brewing Co.–District 6 Pils
2nd: Fremont Brewing Co.–Pilsner
3rd: Anthem Brewing Co.–OK Pils

Category 6A: Marzen
1st: 10 Barrel Brewing Co.–Oktoberfest
2nd: Penn Brewery–Penn Marzen
3rd: 14th Star Brewing Co.–Oktoberfest

Category 6B: Rauchbier
1st: Wildwood Brewing–Organic Spirituous Smoke

Category 7A: Vienna Lager
1st: Big Bend Brewing Co.–Tejas Negra
2nd: Anthem Brewing Co.–Ogletoberfest
3rd: Alameda Brewing Co.–La Negra

Category 7C: Kellerbier
1st: Bear Republic Brewing Co.–Double Aught

Category: 8B: Schwarzbier
2nd: Loma Brewing Company–Midnight Idol
3rd: Blackstone Brewing Company–Schwartz Side Of The Moon

Category 9A: Doppelbock
1st: Lenny Boy Brewing Co.–Bockstreet Boys
2nd: Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Co. –Sustinator

Category 9C: Baltic Porter
1st: Duck-Rabbit Brewery–Duck-Rabbit Baltic Porter
2nd: Eagle Creek Brewing Co.–Georgia Porter Authority Imperial Black Rye Porter

Category 10A: Weissbier
1st: King Harbor Brewing Co.–South Bayern
2nd: Big Bend Brewing Co.–Big Bend Hefeweizen
3rd: Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Co.–Hefeweizen

Category 11B: Best Bitter
1st: Fortnight Brewing Co.–3 Lions Best Bitter
2nd: Schoolcraft–You Bitter Beware

Category 11C: Strong Bitter
1st: Old Bust Head Brewing Co.–Bust Head
2nd: Brasserie Tuque De Broue Brewery–Gougounes Rousse
3rd: Fortnight Brewing Co.–ESB

Category 12A: English Golden Ale
1st: Refined Fool Brewing Co.–Quiet Down I’m Doing Cartography British Golden Ale
2nd: Carolina Brewing Co.–Carolina Pale Ale

Category 12C: English IPA
1st: Fortnight Brewing Co.–X-Pat IPA

Category 13A: Dark Mild
1st: Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery–Grizzly Peak

Category 13B: English Brown Ale
1st: Carolina Brewing Co.–Carolina Brown Ale
2nd: Blackstone Brewing Company–Nut Brown Ale
3rd: Three Spirits Brewery –Agate Have It

Category 13C: English Porter
1st: Thirsty Nomad Brewing–Sweeney
2nd: Blackstone Brewing Company–St Charles Porter
3rd: Fortnight Brewing Co.–Porter

Category 14C: Scottish Export
1st: Madison River Brewing Co.–Copper John Scotch Ale
2nd: 10 Barrel Brewing–Bottomless

Category 15A: Irish Red Ale
1st: Old Bust Head Brewing Co.–Vixen
2nd: Four Sons Brewing–O’Sonset
3rd: Evil Czech Brewery and Public House–O’Keeffe’s Irish Red

Category 16A: Sweet Stout
1st: North High Brewery–North High Milk Stout
2nd: Refined Fool Brewing Co. –Joe Sent Me
3rd: Duck-Rabbit Brewery–Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout

Category 16B: Oatmeal Stout
1st: Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery–Splitboard
2nd: 14th Star Brewing Co. –Maple Breakfast Stout
3rd: Madison River Brewing Co.–Black Ghost Oatmeal Stout

Category 16D: Foreign Extra Stout
1st: Alameda Brewing Co.–Black Bear XX Stout

Category 17C: Wee Heavy
1st: Duck-Rabbit Brewery–Duck-Rabbit Wee Heavy Scotch Style Ale

Category 17D: English Barleywine
1st: Refined Fool Brewing Co. –Say NO! To Rugs English Barleywine

Category 18A: Blonde Ale
1st: Fortnight Brewing Co.–Blonde Ale
2nd: Eagle Creek Brewing Co.–Spot Tail Blonde Ale
3rd: Backroom Brewery–Backroom Blonde

Category 18B: American Pale Ale
1st: North High Brewery–North High Pale Ale
2nd: Fremont Brewing Co.–Session Pale Ale
3rd: Blackstone Brewing Company–Hangtime

Category 19A: American Amber Ale
1st: Refined Fool Brewing Co.–Suburban Menace American Amber Ale
2nd: Alameda Brewing Co.–Klickitat Pale Ale
3rd: StormBreaker Brewing–Mississippi Red

Category 19C: American Brown Ale
1st: North High Brewery–North High Tree Tapper Maple Brown Ale
3rd: Schoolcraft–American Harvest Brown Ale

Category 20A: American Porter
1st: NoDa Brewing Co.–Coco Loco
2nd: Triple C Brewing Co.–Up All Night
3rd: Crystal Springs Brewing Company–Doc’s Porter

Category 20B: American Stout
1st: Bear Republic Brewing Co.–Big Bear Black Stout
3rd: Schoolcraft–American Harvest Stout

Category 20C: Imperial Stout
1st: Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Co.–Dire Wolf
2nd: River North Brewery–Mr. Sandman
3rd: Fremont Brewing Co.–Dark Star

Category 21A: American IPA
1st: Big Bend Brewing Co.–La Frontera
2nd: The DreamChasers Brewery–Footbridge
3rd: North High Brewery–North High IPA

Category 21B: Specialty IPA
1st: Gizmo Brew Works–Black Hop Down
2nd: Bear Republic Brewing Co.–Pace Car Racer
3rd: Carolina Brewing Co.–Wiggo!

Category 22A: Double IPA
1st: StormBreaker Brewing–Triple Double IPA
2nd: Blackstone Brewing Company–Adam Bomb
3rd: Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Co.–Howling Moon

Category 22B: American Strong Ale
1st: Bear Republic Brewing Co.–Racer 5 IPA
2nd: Fremont Brewing Co.–Winter Ale
3rd: DESTIHL Brewery–Deadhead

Category 23A: Berliner Weisse
1st: 10 Barrel Brewing Co.–German Sparkle Party

Category 23B: Flanders Red Ale
1st: 10 Barrel Brewing Co.–Huckle Biere
2nd: Unknown Brewing Co.–Stupid

Category 23C: Oud Bruin
1st: DESTIHL Brewery–Saint Dekkera Reserve Sour Ale Series – Flanders Oud Bruin

Category 23F: Fruit Lambic
1st: DESTIHL Brewery–Saint Dekkera Reserve Sour Ale Series – Framboise

Category 24A: Witbier
3rd: River North Brewery–River North White

Category 24C: Biere de Garde
1st: River North Brewery–J. Marie

Category 25A: Belgian Blond Ale
1st: Lost Highway Brewing Co.–Golden Ghost
2nd: Anthem Brewing Co.–Golden One
3rd:  North Main Brewing–Daydream Blonde

Category 25B: Saison
1st: Trapezium Brewing Co.–Tangerine Saison
2nd: River North Brewery–FarmHouse
3rd: Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Co.–L’Abondance

Category 25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale
1st: Fremont Brewing–Golden Ale
2nd: Carolina Brewing Co.–Carolina Belgian Golden Strong Ale
3rd: Schoolcraft–American Harvest Grand Cru

Category 26B: Belgian Dubbel
2nd: North Main Brewing–Belgian Dubbel

Category 26C: Belgian Tripel
1st: Lost Highway Brewing–Tripel Homicide
2nd: Eagle Creek Brewing Co.–Tripel Anniversary (Y3B)
3rd: River North Brewery–Tripel

Category 26D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
1st: Lost Highway Brewing Co.–Liquid Pajamas
2nd: River North Brewery–Quandary
3rd: Carolina Brewing Co./Beer Army Foundation–Abbey Underground Quad

Category 27A: Historical Beer
1st: The DreamChasers Brewery–TJ’s Ale
2nd: Four Sons Brewing Co.–Gose In Different Area Codes
3rd: DESTIHL Brewery–WiLD Sour Series – Here GOSE Nothin’

Category 28A: Brett Beer
1st: Paradox Brewery–Forever Wild Series: Brett Pale Ale Apricot

Category 28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer
1st: Lenny Boy Brewing Co.–Burn Down For What
2nd: NoDa Brewing Co.–Stop, Collaborate & Glisten

Category 28C: Wild Specialty Beer
1st: 10 Barrel Brewing Co.–Pyka
2nd: DESTIHL Brewery–Metallurgy Sour Collection – Sour Pear
3rd: Paradox Brewery.–Forever Wild Series: Red Saison

Category 29A: Fruit Beer
1st: Trapezium Brewing Co.–Raspberry Blonde
2nd: Three Spirits Brewery–Red Maembe
3rd: Refined Fool Brewing Co.–Illiterate Librarians Grapefruit IPA

Category 30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
1st: Wormtown Brewery–Norm
2nd: Blackstone Brewing Company–Mocha Stout
3rd:  Penn Brewery And Brewpub–Chocolate Meltdown

Category 30B: Autumn Seasonal Beer
1st: Gizmo Brew Works–Renaissance Man
2nd: Canton Brewing Co–Cafe Society – Butternut Ale
3rd: Brasserie Tuque De Broue Brewery–Jacques La-Lanterne

Category 30C: Winter Seasonal Beer
1st: Wormtown Brewery–Blizzard Of ’78
2nd: Triple C Brewing Co.–White Blaze
3rd: Canton Brewing Co–Holiday Beer

Category 32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer
1st: Fremont Brewing Co.–Bonfire Ale
2nd: Alaskan Beer Co.–Alaskan Smoked Porter

Category 33A: Wood-Aged Beer
1st: Triple C Brewing Co.–BBA Up All Night
2nd: DESTIHL Brewery–Dosvidanya
3rd: Refined Fool Brewing Co.–Ripsnorter Porter

Category 33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
1st: Full Sail Brewing Co.–Bourbon Imperial Stout
2nd: King Harbor Brewing Co.–King Swirly The 2nd
3rd: Fremont Brewing Co.–Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star

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