(Photo courtesy Merchant du Vin)

(Press Release)

Seattle, Wash.—Merchant du Vin, Lindemans Brewery, and Danish brewer Mikkeller are pleased to announce that a collaborative beer – lambic ale conceived by Lindemans and Mikkeller; brewed at Lindemans – will be coming to the US in February 2016: Lindemans/Mikkeller SpontanBasil.

In a world of myriad new beers – nowadays made with almost any ingredient – this innovative release must be a first: lambic fermented with fresh basil! Lindemans SpontanBasil will be available in ridiculously limited quantities in some US states in February 2016.

To produce SpontanBasil, fresh whole basil leaves are added to a batch of one-to-two year old lambic that has been aged on oak. The beautiful flavor and aroma of fresh basil marry perfectly with the sour, tart flavors of lambic. After racking and filling bottles, SpontanBasil gains natural, soft carbonation via bottle-conditioning: the yeast produces CO2 in the corked bottle.

SpontanBasil shows a golden color with a hint of green highlights. The body is fairly light; entry and finish are a delightful marriage of real lambic complexity – appetizing sourness – with a beautifully aromatic, delightful, fresh aroma found in kitchens around the world, from Italy to Thailand: fresh basil. ABV: 6.0%

About Lindemans Brewery

Lindemans Brewery, established in 1822, lies in the heart of the lambic region. The sixth generation of the Lindemans family currently brews lambics that range from ultra-sour Lindemans Cuvée René Oude Gueuze to the best-selling lambic in the US, Lindemans Framboise Raspberry Lambic.    lindemans.be

About Mikkeller

Mikkeller has achieved global recognition since their founding in 2006. They invent new flavors, collaborate with respected brewers around the world, operate pubs, and currently sell Mikkeller beers in over 40 countries – doing it all with passion, commitment and wit.   mikkeller.dk

About Merchant du Vin

Merchant du Vin imports Samuel Smith from England; Traquair House from Scotland; Ayinger and Pinkus organic beers from Germany;  Lindemans lambics, Green’s Gluten-Free beers, Du Bocq and the Trappist beers of Orval, Westmalle, and Rochefort from Belgium.