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PROVIDENCE, R.I.Past the dying dreams of Zar, the mysterious city of Thaiarion, and the sickening tease of Xura – the White Ship sailed on. The beauty, bliss, and gentle seas of Sona-Nyl beckoned our hearts to lay in its rolling pastures for all of eternity, but our greed pushed our sails past the heavens and into the unknown. The oarsmen pulled us through thick mist and fierce winds, searching for the mythic shores of Cathuria. When the mist lifted, the White Ship glided over hazy seas of gold topped with plentiful white caps. Just as the scent of spice and grapefruit filled our minds, all went black. 

Today, Narragansett Beer announces the release of White Ship White IPA, the fourth chapter, and fifth installment, in the popular Lovecraft Series which honors the famous horror writer and lifelong Providence, Rhode Island resident, H.P. Lovecraft. Each beer in the series is based on a different Lovecraft tale, in both beer style and can design. This latest release is a tribute to The White Ship, the story of a lighthouse keeper’s adventure aboard a mysterious ship where his curiosity and greed win out over his better judgment.

“The beauty of The Lovecraft Series is that there is no end to the source of inspiration,” said Narragansett President Mark Hellendrung. “The White Ship is one of my personal favorite Lovecraft stories. It’s the perfect combination of obscurity, curiosity, and a desire to search out the unknown. For us, we have wanted to explore a White IPA for a while. It’s a style that lends itself to blurring guidelines and pushing creative boundaries, much like H.P. Lovecraft himself.”

The White Ship White IPA label, designed by local Rhode Island artist Pete McPhee from Swamp Yankee, features an image of the story’s grey lighthouse as the north point of a compass rose and represents the narrator’s trip to the other world and back.

White Ship is a 6.8% ABV and 50 IBU Belgian Style White IPA that combines the crisp, structured IPA base with a creamy Belgian yeast profile. It’s brewed with four types of American and Belgiam malts, and contains El Dorado and Mandarina Bavarian hops to give it the tangerine flavor typically associated with white ales.

Narragansett’s White Ship White IPA will be available starting July 25 in six packs of 16-ounce tallboy cans, priced between $11.99 – $12.9 SRP per six pack. White Ship will be distributed throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, Portland, Ore., and Greenville and Columbia, South Carolina. The timing and availability will vary per market.

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H.P. Lovecraft was born in Providence, RI in 1890, the same year Narragansett Beer was founded just down the road. Though he toiled mostly in obscurity in small-press magazines during his life, today he is universally acclaimed as the “Father of Modern Horror.” Artists from Stephen King, to Neil Gaiman, Metallica, and Guillermo del Toro cite him as a direct influence. The Narragansett Lovecraft Series of collaborations follows the spirit of his “Cthulhu Mythos,” which invited fellow authors to write in the same shared universe of ideas.