(Press Release)

RICHMOND, VA—The Virginia Craft Brewers Guild announced today that the Commonwealth is now home to over 100 craft breweries. This important milestone was celebrated at the Guild’s annual meeting and Craft Beer Caucus legislative reception, attended by over 150 brewers and legislators from around the Commonwealth.

“100 craft breweries is a huge milestone for Virginia,” said Cassidy Rasnick of the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild, an affiliate of the Virginia Manufacturers Association. “We have seen exponential growth in the last few years, not only in the number of craft breweries, but also in the quality of the beer being produced and the cooperation and collaboration in the industry.”

The number of craft breweries is calculated from the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control’s report on brewery licensees, available on their website.

Growth of the craft beer industry has exploded in the last few years. The Guild attributes some of the growth to the passage of SB604 in 2012. The legislation, also known as the tasting room bill and sponsored by Senator Jeffrey McWaters and Delegate Jennifer McClellan, allowed breweries to sell their products for on-premise consumption. Since the law went into effect in 2012, the number of craft breweries in the Commonwealth has more than doubled. The craft beer industry now supports over 8,000 jobs in the Commonwealth and has a $623 million economic impact on the state.

The 100th craft brewery licensed in Virginia is Garden Grove Brewing Company, expected to open in Richmond in February.

“We are extremely excited to be opening the 100th craft brewery in the Commonwealth,” said Ryan Mitchell, owner of Garden Grove Brewing Company. “We can’t wait to share our unique and unforgettable line up of beers.”

About Virginia Craft Brewers Guild

The Virginia Craft Brewers Guild is a coalition of independent, small, commercial breweries dedicated to growing the craft beer industry in the Commonwealth. Virginia’s craft beer industry supports 8,163 FTE jobs, and has an economic impact of $623 million. Virginia Craft Brewers Guild is an affiliate of the Virginia Manufacturers Association. The purpose of the Guild is to organize craft brewers for purposes of economic development, business development, supply chain management, tourism and government affairs. For more information on the Guild, go to http://www.virginiacraftbrewers.org.