There are many paths to becoming a brewer and they all take hard work and dedication.

On this episode of the Brewer to Brewer podcast Ashleigh Carter of Bierstadt Lagerhaus talks with Tonya Cornett of 10 Barrel Brewing and go deep into the early years of craft beer in America and the work it takes to earn respect.

From overcoming mistakes and discussing the very real dangers of working as a brewer, to celebrating successes and the joys of experimentation the duo then tackle diversity in the industry. More than just brewery hires and perspectives, Carter and Cornett make the case for more diverse voices on conference panels, in news articles, and at events.

Brewer to Brewer episode 5.

What is the question neither wants to be asked again? They answer that along with insight to where they would like to see brewing progress and passionate areas of focus.

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