Show notes from host John Holl:

“A few months ago I was visiting Industrial Arts, a brewery in New York’s Hudson valley to record a few episodes of Steal This Beer.

Jeff O’Neil, the brewery’s founder and brewmaster, was walking us through his impressive 100 hectolitre system and sharing a sneak peak of some non-alcoholic beers he was working on. 

This week those beverages are hitting the marketplace so it seemed fitting to have him on this show to talk about the evolution and process. 

And we’ll get to that, but first we’ll go into that brewery system and he’ll illustrate how it has been constructed to benefit his IPAs, which are some of the very best being made in America right now, and how that even extends into the fields. 

He’s a member of the hop quality group, and spent time in Germany this year around harvest, and shares his observations and insights from walking those farms. 

Jeff, as you’ll hear, is a thoughtful brewer. His career has spanned more than 20 years and he worked at a number of breweries on both coasts before opening Industrial Arts six years ago. 

From where it was at the start to where it is now is impressive to hear and before we got started with the recording he said he doesn’t spend too much time brewing these days, but rather stands on the brew deck and points and tells stories. 

And that’s where we start, with an extended index finger and this tale of modern engineering.”

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