Mild Ale

Ring Your Mother Mild

Mild in the 21st Century

Mild ale, a quintessentially British beer style, has been in terminal decline since World War II. Now, despite a long-running

Can Mild Ale Make it in America?

Alistair Reece is a peripatetic Scot currently living in Virginia, and a bit of a contrarian. “My dad used to

Mild Ale

A traditional style of English ale that is characterized by darker colors, sweetish malt flavors and subtle hopping levels, all within a lower alcohol frame (typically 3.5 percent ABV). Its purpose is to allow the drinker to get a full quotient of flavor in a “session” beer—a trick to which English ale brewing lends itself readily.

British and North American Styles

Each year, the first round of the World Beer Championships is reserved for British and North American ale styles. Following