There are some trends worth paying attention to these days around the beer space. One of them is THC seltzers. They are popping up on menus in certain states alongside IPA and lager.

THC Seltzers are taking off. On Drink Beer, Think Beer last year, Scott Selix of Lua and Climbing Kites talked about his brewery’s entry into the space. Their beverage is being contracted out of Minnesota’s Fair State Cooperative Brewery, which also has its own line of seltzers. The brewer putting in the work to make and develop these is Joe Wells. 

Wells has been in the craft beer industry for over a decade, from California to Canada and the last five years at Fair State where he serves as Head Brewer. 

On this episode he talks about how these THC seltzers are made, how they came about in the first place, and what the market is doing in response to their availability. 

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