There’s an episode of The Simpsons, notes co-host Don Tse, where an alien says to pronounce its name correctly, it would have to pull out your tongue. 

“I think Kveik is like that,” says Tse on saying the yeast strain out loud.

The Norwegian farmhouse yeast seems to be everywhere these days after decades in obscurity from the larger world. Brewers of all sizes have embraced Kveik and all its strains to create ales and lagers of note and to embrace its hearty nature that results in fast fermentation times.

On the third episode of the All About Beer Podcast Tse and co-host Em Sauter welcome two guests who have spent time mapping, examining, and brewing with Kveik.

Lily Schulz is the head brewer at Right Proper Brewing in Washington, D.C. and Richard Priess is the director of Escarpment Labs and together they break down all there is to know and experience about this remarkable yeast.

On this episode of the All About Beer Podcasts our guests unlock the history, flavors and practical uses of Kveik yeast.
 Richard Priess is the director of Escarpment Labs

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