All About Beer Magazine - Volume 33, Issue 1
March 1, 2012 By

SMaSH Vienna Bier

OG 1.050, 36 IBU, 5 gallons
10# German Vienna (Wiener) malt
Mash at 150F for one hour
Select a German noble hop and add 8 Alpha Acid Units (36 IBU) to the kettle, boil for 60 minutes and add one ounce of the same hop variety at knockout. Dry hop with 1 oz. the same hop if desired.
I brew this as a top-fermenter with Wyeast 1007 or 1010, or White Labs WLP036 or WLP003 for a unique summer beer that comes out somewhere between kölsch and altbier.

English Barley Wine

OG 1.090, 60 IBU, 5 gallons
20# English pale ale malt (such as Maris Otter)
Mash at 153F for one hour
Collect 2 gallons of wort and begin to boil vigorously while collecting the rest of the sweet wort, or alternatively, collect 8 gallons of wort and boil down to 5.5 gallons. Duration of boil should be at least 2 hours
Add 24 AAU (60 IBU) of high alpha acid UK hops such as Target, Northdown, Phoenix or Pioneer to the kettle 60 minutes before the end of the boil. Add 2 oz. East Kent Goldings hops 5 minutes before the end of the boil.
Ferment with your favorite English ale yeast such as Wyeast 1028 or 1098, or White Labs WLP007 or WLP013


OG 1.060, 36 IBU, 5 gallons
12# German or Belgian Pilsner malt (Vienna malt is an excellent alternative)
Mash at 151F for one hour
8 AAU (32 IBU) East Kent or Styrian Goldings hops (or both), 60 min
1 oz. East Kent or Styrian Goldings hops, 15 min
1 oz. Czech Saaz hops, 0 min
Dry hop with an ounce of Saaz if desired
Ferment with a Belgian or French Saison yeast such as Wyeast 3724 or 3711 or White Labs WLP565 or WLP566