Beer Travelers

Exploring the beer world, one glass at a time.

With nearly 10,000 breweries in the US, and countless thousands more around the world, it can feel next to impossible to figure out where to go. That’s where the Beer Travelers podcast comes in. Each episode we’ll take a deep dive into a local beer scene, highlighting its best breweries, taprooms, and local wonders. And I hope we’ll leave listeners feeling as if they’re locals equipped with a plan of where to have their next pint. We’ve all spent enough time at home on our couches ticking off new beers; it’s time to get out and explore the greater world of beer. Hosted by Andy Crouch, the Beer Travelers podcast is available on all the major podcast platforms. All About Beer releases new episodes of Beer Travelers every month.  

Recent Episodes

Portland, Maine

Exploring Beer in Portland, Maine, the Other Portland.

Portland, Maine is another of America’s most overlooked beer scenes. The East Coast Portland plays host to a number of quintessential American craft breweries and an easily accessible beer scene that is perfect for a day trip or a longer stay. Carla Jean Lauter and Benjamin Moore help guide us through Portland's beer scene.
A bar scene in Portland, Oregon.

Beer Travelers: Portland, Oregon. America’s Best Lager City?

Portland, Oregon is undoubtedly one of America's best beer cities. But is it the best lager city? Jeff Alworth of Beervana and Ezra Johnson-Greenough of The New School join us to discuss Beervana and everything Portland has to offer for beer lovers.

Beer Travelers: Brussels with Eoghan Walsh

Eoghan Walsh of Brussels Beer City joins us to chat about brewing tradition, history, and modern renaissance in the Brussels, Belgium beer scene.