In recent years, you may have noticed a different type of tap in breweries and taprooms.  They have a side pull and they can be used to control the amount of foam in a beer.  Maybe you’ve even enjoyed a “milko” pour, a beer, usually a Czech-style lager, poured such that it is almost entirely foam. 

These pours come from the Czech Republic’s long beer history and are finally being appreciated outside its borders.  Making good beer doesn’t end when the beer is packaged. 

Czech beer culture knows that the dispense of the beer enhances the beer, too.

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Eric Larkin is a beer enthusiast, who has worked in the brewing industry for just over 12 years. After swearing he would never open a brewery, he found himself captivated by the culture, history, and production methods of lager in the Czech Republic and opened Cohesion Brewing with his wife Lisa in 2021. Prior to that, Eric worked at a number of breweries also known for exploration of specific styles including New England IPAs at Odd13 Brewing in Lafayette, CO and Belgian styles at Allagash Brewing in Portland, ME. Now, he tries to find any excuse to explore beer across the US and Europe for what can be dubbed a “work trip”.

Magdaléna Hoppová was born in 1996 in the Czech Republic and studied as a geography teacher. She started as a homebrewer in 2018 and worked for 3 yea in Dva kohouti craft brewery as a tapster and brewmaster. She has been working for the last two and a half years  as a tapster at Pult in Prague, a lager focused beer bar. She is certified in beer sensory analysis and tap system sanitation. . 

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