Jim Koch of Boston Beer Co.
(Photo by John Holl)

Welcome to the first episode of Two Beers In with John Holl, a new podcast from All About Beer Magazine that starts after a few rounds at the bar, because that’s when the good stuff comes out.

In this premiere episode, John speaks with Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beer Co. The two discuss the brewery’s new nitro cans, the danger a megamerger poses to small brewers, and where Jim goes for inspiration and advice.

The podcast is a new venture for us at All About Beer Magazine, and we welcome your comments on Facebook and Twitter. You can also e-mail us at podcast@allaboutbeer.com.

Eager to hear more? Upcoming guests on Two Beers In will include Dan Kenary, founder of Harpoon Brewery, and Rebecca Newman, quality manager at Summit Brewing Co.

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