(LOS ANGELES) – October 19, 2023 – In a groundbreaking announcement, National Black Brewers Association successfully introduced Black Brewer’s Day, a day dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the rich heritage and contributions of Black beer brewers throughout American history. Efforts this year have resulted in 16 cities within the United States recognizing this day as an official holiday set to be observed annually on October 10th. This significant occasion commemorates a pivotal moment in brewing history, paying homage to the trailblazers who have shaped the industry.

Councilmember Rick Jennings led the charge in Sacramento, championing the cause at the local level, while California State Senator Bradford spearheaded statewide efforts to ensure that Black Brewer’s Day received the recognition it rightfully deserves. The 16 cities & states that celebrated this year included: California, Los Angeles County, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Lucas County (OH), North Las Vegas County (NV), Atlanta, Cleveland, Durham, Las Vegas, Little Rock, New Orleans, Montgomery, Sacramento, St. Louis and Toledo), with more to come in 2024. 

“Although we just launched our association and efforts towards a more equitable and inclusive brewing industry, our team has been hard at work to make sure Black brewers across the United States start to receive the recognition they deserve.” Said Kevin Asato, President of the Black Brewers Association. “Together with local and state representatives we are proud to announce this momentous occasion, the first of many to come.”

Black Brewer’s Day has special historical significance as it marks the remarkable journey of Theodore A. (Ted) Mack, Sr. and his visionary associates, who, on October 10, 1970, celebrated the acquisition of People’s Brewing Company in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This momentous occasion was witnessed by over 2,000 guests, including stockholders, local and state legislators, and notable dignitaries. On that fateful day, Mr. Mack made history by becoming the first black brewery president in the United States, and People’s Brewing Company achieved the distinction of being the first black-owned brewery ever.

The Black Brewers Association encourages all to celebrate and recognize  the enduring legacy of black brewers, their invaluable contributions to the brewing industry, and the pivotal moment in history that is Black Brewer’s Day. Together, let’s raise our glasses to diversity, inclusion, and the boundless possibilities of the brewing world.

This moment of triumph and resilience in the brewing industry serves as the cornerstone for Black Brewer’s Day. We are committed to working tirelessly to secure official recognition of October 10th as Black Brewer’s Day. Well ahead of the target date, we are partnering with the City of Sacramento and the California State Legislature to pass a resolution that will establish this significant day in the state’s calendar.

For more information on the National Black Brewers Association and membership, visit https://www.nationalblackbrewersassociation.org/membership  

About National Black Brewers Association: Launched in March 2023 by NBA Legend and 55th Mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson, the National Black Brewers Association is a 501c6 membership-based non-profit organization governed by a dynamic Board of Directors composed of the most experienced and successful Black brewery owners and brew masters across the country. It was formed to promote, support and advocate for the Black brewing community. For more information on the National Black Brewers Association, visit our website at: www.nationalblackbrewersassociation.org.