(Raleigh, NC) – Tim Kent, executive director of the North Carolina Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association, has received the Industry Service Award from the National Beer Wholesalers Association.

The award is presented annually to a state association executive for taking significant action to influence the industry today and for years to come.

Under Kent’s leadership, the N.C. Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association built a coalition that supported and passed legislation in 2012 to strengthen the North Carolina beer franchise law.  Senate Bill 745 requires mega-breweries to treat their North Carolina beer distributors fairly and without discrimination.  Senate Bill 745 allows wholesalers to remain independent business operators, increases consumer choice and provides a viable distribution channel for the state’s smaller breweries.

About the Association

The member companies of the North Carolina Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association directly employ more than 5,000 people across the state.  Member companies collect and pay $135 million each year in excise taxes to the state and those companies pay $350 million in direct wages and health care benefits.  The Association’s member companies are locally owned and operated businesses that promote responsibility and moderation.