Win Bassett
Win Bassett Social Media & Beer Education Win blogged and tweeted himself into a job on the condition he put down his phone for a minute to enjoy his beer. When he’s not keeping up with the latest in beer news, you’ll find him running shirtless and in short shorts with run clubs at local breweries and recovering with the biggest hop bomb he can find. Oh, and he’s a lawyer.

From Jeans to What Craft Beer Means

Back in November, I attended a CreativeMornings session in Raleigh, North Carolina. CreateMornings is “TED talks for the everyday.” The

The Session #70: Beyond the Hype

The Session is “an opportunity once a month for beer bloggers from around the world to get together and write

Beer Writers Behind Closed (Pub) Doors

Other than sporadic occasions at beer festivals or judging sessions where beer writers may run into a handful of their

Anything But the Blues in this Brewgrass

From noon to seven last Saturday, beer and bluegrass lovers from across the country descended upon craft beer’s favorite child

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