(Press Release)

(Photo Courtesy Devils Backbone Brewing Co.)

LEXINGTON, Va.Devils Backbone Brewing Company is excited to announce our next Adventure Pack Sampler. Available now through June, the mixed 12 pack includes the Belgian-inspired farmhouse ale Five Apostles Saison, award-winning Pear Lager, our packaging team favorite Golden Stag, and the creamy Black Rock Milk Stout.

When first timers at Basecamp Brewpub & Meadows are overwhelmed by the array of beers, our helpful staff usually suggests a sampler flight. The Adventure Pack recreates that sampler experience. This pack features a selection of exclusive brews that were previously only available on draft at Basecamp Brewpub, and is on retail shelves now throughout Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, and West Virginia.

“We’ve brewed around 300 different beers at Basecamp, so there was a wide variety of beers to choose from for this Adventure Pack. It’s cool to pick some favorites and expose a wider audience to a little bit of the Basecamp vibe,” says Brewmaster Jason Oliver.

The four beers featured in the Adventure Pack include:

  • Black Rock Milk Stout (5.4% ABV; 20 IBU)
    We added a generous amount of milk sugar to this black beer to create mild sweetness and a fuller body.  Black in color and medium-full bodied with hints of malted milk chocolate goodness.
  • Golden Stag (5.5% ABV; 45.4 IBU)
    Developed by the Devils Backbone packaging team who at the end of the work day were looking for a combination of our Gold Leaf Lager’s drinkability (Golden) with a hop kick of our Eight Point IPA (Stag).
  • Five Apostles Saison (6.9% ABV; 28 IBU)
    In homage to the five ecclesiastically named peaks in the region, this complex yet delicate beer is an ethereal beauty to the palate.
  • Pear Lager (4.8% ABV; 20 IBU)
    A revitalizing combination of pear and lager, this thirst quenching beer is light to medium in body and refreshing in character with a subtle pear flavor and aroma. Winner of a silver medal in the 2014 and 2013 Virginia Craft Brewers Fest.

Devils Backbone is inspired by the great brewing traditions of Europe and the ingenuity of modern craft brewing.  Devils Backbone has earned numerous accolades for its beers, exceling in the art of lager brewing in an ale dominated industry.  The brewing team has garnered medals from the World Beer Cup, Australian International Beer Awards, Virginia Craft Beer Fest and the Great American Beer Festival® including national titles for GABF 2014 Mid-Sized Brewing Company and Brew Team of the Year, 2013 Small Brewing Company and Small Brewing Company Brewer of the Year and 2012 Small Brewpub and Small Brewpub Brewer of the Year.

Devils Backbone operates two breweries in central Virginia:  Basecamp Brewpub & Meadows (200 Mosbys Run, Roseland, VA) the original brewery, restaurant and the Meadows, the new outdoor beer and dining area, located at the foot of the Three Ridge Mountains in scenic Nelson County; and the Outpost Brewery & Tap Room, a state-of-the-art production brewery and tap room (50 North Wind Lane, Lexington, VA).

In 2008, founders Steve Crandall and his wife Heidi, inspired by a skiing trip where they had their first taste of German beer, opened the doors to Devils Backbone Brewing Company in the heartland of Virginia.  Basecamp Brewpub was an instant regional success and with so many beer lovers asking where they could purchase the brews, they broke ground on the Outpost in 2011.  Anticipated to produce 10,000 barrels of beer in the first ten years of operation, the Outpost reached 45,000 barrels in the first three years and recently completed an additional expansion to reach 250,000 barrels.

For more information on Devils Backbone, please visit the website, www.dbbrewingcompany.com. You can also follow along as they Craft an Adventure on Facebook/devilsbackbonebrewingcompany, Twitter @dbbrewingco and Instagram @devilsbackbonebrewingcompany.  For Adventure Pack Collaboration Sampler beer details, brew day highlights and release information, please follow along on social #DBadventurepack.