(St. Paul, MN) – Summit Brewing Company today announces the release of two new beers: Summer Ale, a new summer seasonal, and Sága IPA, offered year-round. Both beers will be released in draught and bottles the week of May 14.

“We’re excited to launch two new beers with distinct personalities to kick off summer,” said Mark Stutrud, founder of Summit Brewing Company. “We’ve put a lot of passion into these brews – they’re a great addition to our beer line-up.”

Summer Ale will replace Summit’s Hefe Weizen and is a new take on a classic German Kölsch: a crisp, refreshing brew offering elegant fruity and flora aromas and toasted malt qualities. Keeping in line with the refreshing feel, the image on the beer’s packaging by a local photographer is of Minnehaha Falls, a beautiful urban waterfall that is just minutes from the brewery.

Sága IPA is named after Sága, the Norse Goddess of Poetry who was the God Odin’s drinking companion. Sága is an assertive brew with a pronounced hop flavor and tropical fruit aromas such as kiwi, passion fruit, apricot and gooseberry. The beer gets some of its robust aroma from the use of Rakau hops from New Zealand – a much sought-after hop-growing region amongst craft brewers.

Release parties and beer dinners for Summer Ale and Sága IPA can be found at http://www.summitbrewing.com/happenings.

Summit Brewing Company
Founded in St. Paul, Minn. in 1986, Summit Brewing Company has stayed close to its roots, serving the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region. It is currently available in 16 states including Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Kansas and Missouri. Summit now produces 12 varieties of premium craft beer, including seven year-round, four seasonal beers, and the limited release Unchained Series. Since its inception, the brewery has been a consistent pioneer in the craft beer movement.