Guinness glass
Arthur Guinness purchased a brewery in 1756, moved to Dublin in 1759, and leased a brewery lying fallow at St. James’s Gate. This would become the famous brewery of the Guinness namesake. Photo by Jon Page

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we dug into our archives for articles related to the holiday and Ireland. We recommend reading with a nice dry stout.

Dry Stout: Nourishment for Body, Mind and Soul: K. Florian Klemp digs into the history of dry stouts.

In Search of Arthur Guinness: Kerry J. Byrne seeks to learn more about the founder of Guinness.

Stout with the Lads: Julie Johnson goes pubbing in Ireland.

The Irish Heartbeat: Eileen McNamara examines pub culture in Ireland and abroad.

Of Green Beer and Bagpipes: Terri Allan remembers St. Patrick’s Day at her father’s bar, Sha-Tee Tavern.

May Your Glass Be Ever Full: Roger Protz tours Ireland in search of new beer.

Beer Saints: Theresa O’Shea writes about patron saints of all things beer related. While Saint Patrick isn’t mentioned, we’d like to think these saints would be his drinking buddies.