On a recent episode of the Brewer to Brewer Podcast Joe Mohrfeld of Pinthouse Pizza and Brewery interviewed Brendan McGivney of Odell Brewing Co. The pair discussed recipe development, hop selection, and more before turning the conversation towards business practices in the current age.

“We actually started planning, about five or six years ago, where our strategic plan involved diversifying our business. We could see what was happening with beer. The hypergrowth times were coming to an end and we saw what was going on,” McGivney says.

We understood that local is the future and that we are Colorado’s top independent craft brewery, and that we really need to lean into that, and focus on Colorado and build out smaller communities within our home state.

We’ve had that pilot system in Fort Collins for so long, that generates a lot of interest and keeps the innovation going. We added two more spots in Denver, that are standalone 10-barrel brewhouses and start to finish where everything’s only served over the bar, helps to generate more innovation, more creativity, and then builds to unique communities within our overall Colorado community.

The intent was to diversify. Focus on Colorado and continue to innovate.”

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The above transcript was condensed and edited for clarity.