All About Beer editor John Holl has spent the last week traveling through the Pacific Northwest and this is the first of several podcast episodes that will be centered in Washington and Oregon.

This run of shows for Drink Beer, Think Beer kicks off at Chuckanut, the brewery founded by Mari and Will Kemper and recorded at their brewery in Burlington, Washington, south of Bellingham where they long operated a pub and restaurant.

The tap list at Chuckanut Brewery’s South Nut.

Their production facility is largely dedicated to lager, with a few ales thrown for good measure.

On the show they expand upon what brought them to this town and expansion plans for what is lovingly referred to as South Nut. 

This episode also talks about about the intersection of clean and wild beers.

Brewery neighbors Ron Extract and Amber Watts who run Garden Path Fermentation, a temple for all things drinkable from beers to wine, mead, and more join the conversation.

Extract and Watts talk about the importance of local ingredients and flavor, and the patience it takes to create stunning wild ales.

While it may seem, at first glance, there is little to connect Chuckanut Brewery and Garden Path aside from the larger beer industry, there are actually strong ties that bring them together.

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