Cozy up with Warming Winter Ales

It’s December and what a festive time to be a beer drinker as winter beers are on the shelves. But

barley breeding

Barley Breeders Return to Flavor

If barley breeders have their way, beer lovers will soon be demanding beers based on barley variety as they currently

barley breeding

The Long Path to New Barley

Barley breeding is hard, expensive, and takes a long time. For one pair of parents, hundreds of crosses are made.

The Buzz on Coffee Beers

Like beer, coffee is one of society’s oldest and most fundamental beverages.  Perhaps that is why coffee beers taste so

Creating a Lexicon for Brewing Malt

On this episode of the Brewer to Brewer Podcast Andrea Stanley of Valley Malt interviews Lindsay Barr of Draught Labs

Working to Grow the Grain Industry

Farming, malt, advocacy, and education are among the topics covered on this episode of the Brewer to Brewer Podcast where

Brewing with Organic Ingredients

What’s it like being an organic brewery in 2023? Harder than you might think, but getting a little better. Sandy

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